Encrypted Cloud Storage and File Sharing

Trust Nothing. Encrypt Everything. Keep The Key.

CipherLocker™ is the first encrypted file sharing, storage, and collaboration platform with a search portal on encrypted data and strong client-side data encryption. You can drag-and-drop, store, share, synchronize, and search. The cloud cannot ever access user data or searches even when compelled. Files are encrypted before they leave your computer.

Strong Encryption

Strong Client-Side Encryption

Store, share, and search your strongly encrypted files in the cloud or in an enterprise-wide on-prem service. Theserver (on-prem or cloud) sees nothing (file names, data, encryption keys, search queries). Learn More >


  • Server cannot read files, keys, or searches
  • Client-Side Encryption (AES 256)
  • At-Rest/In-Transit Encryption (AES 256, TLS)
  • Semantic Security Protection
  • Built-in key management
  • NIST FIPS Certification¹

Strong Security

CipherLocker™ provides strong security and easy key exchange that goes beyond core data encryption. Learn More >


  • Access logging and audits²
  • Strong Integrity with Share-Wide Protection
  • Easy access control
  • Everything is encrypted
  • Integrate with existing key managers and HSMs
  • Built-in key management
  • File History and Versioning

Sharing and Teaming

CipherLocker™ is the only platform with secure and easy sharing of encrypted files and folders that prevents the server (on-prem or cloud service) from leaking your data to third parties when compelled. Learn More >


  • Create groups
  • Share with individuals or groups
  • Circles of Trust™ – easy membership, secure sharing²
  • Cross-platform (OSX, Windows, Linux, …)

Secure Synchronization

CipherLocker™ automatically synchronizes files across all your devices. You select what to synchronize on each device. Search in all files even if not synchronized.


  • Automatic sync
  • Access files anywhere, anytime, even when not online
  • Search in files even if not synchronized
  • Select what to synchronize on each device
  • Sync any file types
Easy Deployment

Encrypted Data Search Portal

CipherLocker™ is the first platform that lets you securely search through files that are stored encrypted on the server, without having to download the files. Learn More >


  • Fast, Easy and Secure
  • Search in remote encrypted files
  • No need to download to search
  • Server cannot see your search
  • Can download matching files even if not in synchronized folders
  • Many file types (PDF, MS, media, …)
  • Ranked Search
  • Sub-millisecond search times

On-Prem or Cloud Service

CipherLocker™ can also be deployed on-premise to provide enterprise-wide secure file sharing and collaboration with data stored on-prem.


  • On-prem service deployment available
  • Provide enterprise-wide file secure sharing
  • Integrate with VPN technology
  • LDAP/AD Integration²
On-Prem or In-Cloud Deployment

(1) Certification Ongoing
(2) Upcoming Feature

Feature Comparison

Existing Systems
Search In Encrypted Files Without Downloading Learn More >
On-Prem Service Deployment
Server Can Absolutely Not Access Your File Data Learn More >
Secure Public Key Exchange Learn More >
Folder and Share-Wide Integrity Protection
Circles of Trust™ Learn More >
Sharing Secure Against Insiders
Grouping Secure Against Insiders
Source Code Available For Inspection By Cyber Security Academics
Openly Available Docs On Crypto Details. No Security By Obscurity
Ranked Search
Server or Cloud Never See Encryption Keys
Encrypted File Names
Zero-Leak™: Server cannot access or leak customer data even when compelled.
Encrypted File Data
Semantic Security
User-defined Groups
File Revision History
Cross-platform Case-sensitive Filenames

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